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Storage Beyond Scale.

Turn web-scale storage challenges into business advantage.

Data storage that works better the bigger it gets.

Cleversafe has reinvented storage at petabyte scale and beyond to deliver unprecedented results.


Make sure your data is always available—regardless of planned or unplanned downtime.


Dramatically reduce long-term total cost of ownership with a premium software-based solution that runs on commodity hardware.


Simplify management with an intuitive platform that is 15 times more efficient than legacy storage operations.


Protect mission-critical data with zero-touch encryption and built-in carrier-grade security.


Reach new cost, capacity and accessibility milestones with petabyte scalability and beyond.

When storage isn’t a problem, it’s part of the solution.

Cleversafe delivers a competitive advantage that today’s enterprise cannot afford to live without.

Storage that scales with you

to hundreds of petabytes and beyond

Reduce TCO 80%

with long-term savings

100% Uptime

enables rolling updates

The Total Economic Impact™ of Cleversafe by Forrester Research


Companies with the fastest data growth depend on Cleversafe.

Discover the solutions that companies such as Sky, the Miami Marlins, Hightail and Shutterfly are using to secure, manage and distribute data anywhere, anytime.

What can your company do with Cleversafe?

Eliminate the challenges of storage at petabyte-scale and beyond.

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