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Cleversafe has a seasoned team of directors:

Christopher Galvin, Chairman, Cleversafe

Christopher Galvin is Chairman, CEO, and Co-Founder of Harrison Street Capital, LLC; Co-Founder and Chairman of Harrison Street Real Estate Capital LLC; Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of UniqueSoft Inc. a real-time software authoring services company; along with being Chairman of Cleversafe Inc.

Mr. Galvin is member of the board of MCR-Aerodyne Inc., a Harrison Street Capital LLC financed roll-up in US Department of Defense services; a member the Executive Committee of Northwestern University’s Board of Trustees; the American Enterprise Institute Board, the Legion D’honneur, Tsinghua University School of Management and Economics (Beijing); Business Council (U.S.), the American Society of Corporate Executives; the Board of the Chicago Council of Global Affairs and Chair of the Rhodes Scholars selection committee for Illinois-Michigan.

Mr. Galvin’s former relationships include: Chairman of NAVTEQ, the leading supplier of global digital mapping databases; Chairman and CEO of Motorola Inc.; member of the Bechtel Corporation’s Board of Counselors; chairman of the U.S.-China Business Council; director of the Rand Corporation; member of the U.S. Department of Defense Board; member of the U.S. Department of Defense Science Board; advisor to the City of Tianjin, China; advisor to the CEO of Hong Kong; and advisor to the Searle Family Trusts.

Mr. Galvin co-founded The Galvin Projects in 2004, a virtual global think tank that published three books (2008-09); Harrison Street Real Estate Capital, LLC in 2005, a private equity company that today hosts $2.0B in assets under management in medical office buildings, storage, student housing, and senior housing represented in 170 properties across 31 states in U.S.; and Gore Creek Asset Management LLC in 2005, a large capital investment company utilizing 90-100 global investment managers diversified across most major asset classes.

In 2010 Mr. Galvin was featured in the Andrea Redmond book “Comebacks: Powerful Lessons from Leaders Who Endured Setbacks and Recaptured Success on Their Terms” which details his unplanned departure from Motorola, and how he responded.

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John Morris, President & CEO, Cleversafe

John Morris joined Cleversafe in 2013 after thirty years of growing enterprise technology businesses. Most recently, as EVP of Worldwide Field Operations at Juniper Networks, he added more than a billion dollars to Juniper’s top line. Previously, as President/COO led Pay By Touch, a payments industry startup, to implement its biometric solution in thousands of retail stores as its President and COO.

John serves on the Dean’s Advisory Council for the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, as Vice Chairman of Board for the IU chapter of Phi Gamma Delta, and on the Board of Directors of the Illinois Technology Association.

John and his family live in the western suburbs of Chicago.

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Chris Gladwin, Vice Chairman, Cleversafe

Chris Gladwin founded Cleversafe in 2004, bringing to the company the same innovative and entrepreneurial approach that has signified his executive leadership throughout his career. Chris, who was previously the creator of the first workgroup storage server at Zenith Data Systems and was a Manager of Corporate Storage Standards at Lockheed Martin, also created and managed a number of successful new technology start-ups, including MusicNow, which was acquired by Circuit City. Chris has been the creative force behind the development of the first Dispersed Storage system to solve the growing global problem of Big Data storage.

Years ahead of the market, Chris understood the growing issues surrounding unstructured data and the inability of traditional technology solutions to accommodate the explosive growth of digital assets such as audio, video and imaging. Using advances in dispersed information technology, he applied that to storage to create a reliable, cost effective, secure solution with a limitless ability to scale.

Chris Gladwin has created over 300 issued and pending patents related to Dispersed Storage technology. Cleversafe, inspired by Chris, continues to be one of the most patenting U.S. companies per employee.

Chris Gladwin holds a degree in Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Peter Barris, New Enterprise Associates

Peter joined New Enterprise Associates (NEA) in 1992 and was named Managing General Partner in 1999. Since that time NEA's assets under management have grown from $1B to over $13B and the firm has expanded its operations to India and China. Under Peter's leadership, NEA has invested in industry-transforming technology companies like CareerBuilder, Data Domain,, Groupon, Juniper Networks, Macromedia,, TiVo, and Workday. Peter has been named several times to the Forbes Midas List of top technology investors, having personally led investments in over two dozen technology companies that have successfully completed public offerings or mergers. He serves on the board of public company Groupon (GRPN) and is currently a director of several private companies including BenchPrep, Goji Food Solutions, MediaOcean, SnagFilms, and Sprout Social.

Prior to joining NEA, Peter was President and Chief Operating Officer of Legent Corporation (LGNT) and Senior Vice President of the Systems Software Division of UCCEL Corporation (UCE). Both companies were ultimately acquired at valuations that were record breaking for their time. Earlier, Peter spent almost a decade at General Electric Company in a variety of management positions, including Vice President and General Manager at GE Information Services. Outside interests include serving on the Northwestern Board of Trustees and the Board of the Tuck School Private Equity and Entrepreneur Center. Peter previously served on the Executive Committee of the Board of the National Venture Capital Association and was also a founding member of Venture Philanthropy Partners, a philanthropic organization in the Washington D.C. area. He has a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Northwestern and an MBA from Dartmouth.

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Henry J. Feinberg, Maxim Revenue Management Solutions

Henry J. Feinberg is the Executive Chairman of Maxim Revenue Management Solutions (MaximRMS), the largest independent Revenue Management company serving multiple verticals.

Previously, Feinberg was a Partner at Technology Crossover Ventures (TCV), the world’s largest technology oriented Venture Capital firm with over $10B under management.TCV led investments in Expedia, Netflix, Zillow, thinkorswim, and Mattersight among others.

Prior to TCV, Feinberg was Chairman and CEO of Rand McNally, the largest global provider of geographic information in print and digital media. Under Feinberg's leadership Rand McNally transformed from a traditional print publisher to a branded, fully digital, distribution driven multimedia information company.

Prior to Rand McNally, Feinberg held Senior Management positions with Galileo International, United Airlines and Lear Siegler as well as serving as a long tenured Board member at Verisk, the largest IPO in the United States in 2009.

Feinberg brings 25 years of Fortune 500 operating and transaction experience and has held multiple assignments as Chairman of Audit and Compensation Committees in both private and public companies.

Feinberg graduated cum laude from Rutgers University with a BS in Environmental Chemistry.

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Mike O'Dell, New Enterprise Associations

Mike joined NEA in 2002 as a Venture Partner. His primary interest is the structure and behavioral dynamics of large, complex systems. He works with NEA's technology team to identify early stage information technology, communications, and energy opportunities. He currently advises NEA portfolio companies Glacier Bay, Neutral Tandem, and Vonage.

Mike came to NEA from UUNET Technologies where he was Chief Scientist, responsible for network and product architecture during the emergence of the Commercial Internet. Prior to UUNET, Mike held positions at Bellcore (now Telcordia), a GaAs SPARC supercomputer startup, and a US Government contractor. His first startup created a revolutionary full-text search engine which was 20 years ahead of its time. In the halcyon days of the ARPAnet, he was "Liaison" for IMP-34 at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and spearheaded the transition from NCP to TCP/IP at Department of Energy National Laboratories.

Mike served for four years as Area Director for Operations and Management in the IETF, authored several IDs and RFCs, and helped birth RADIUS and SNMPv3. He was Founding Editor of Computing Systems, an international refereed scholarly journal. Mike received his BS and MS in Computer Science from the University of Oklahoma.

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Dennis Roberson, Illinois Institute of Technology

Dennis A. Roberson is Vice Provost, and Research Professor in Computer Science at Illinois Institute of Technology. In this capacity, he has responsibility for IIT’s relationships with its various corporate partners. He also assists with IIT’s technology transfer efforts, the development of new research centers, and technology-based business ventures.

Professor Roberson is an active researcher in the wireless networking arena and is a co-founder of IIT’s Wireless Network and Communications Research Center (WiNCom). His specific research focus areas include dynamic spectrum access networks, spectrum occupancy and spectrum management, and wireless interference and its mitigation. He currently serves on the governing or advisory boards of several technology-based companies, including four in the telecommunications industry.

Prior to IIT, he was EVP and CTO at Motorola. Professor Roberson has an extensive corporate career including major business and technology responsibilities at IBM, DEC (now part of HP), AT&T, and NCR. He is and has been involved with a wide variety of Technology, Cultural, Educational and Youth organizations currently including the National Advisory Board for the Boy Scouts of America, the International Advisory Panel for the Prime Minister of Malaysia, and the Boards of HCJB Global and FIRST Robotics. He also serves as a consultant for a variety of technology based enterprises through his consulting company Roberson and Associates, LLC. He is a frequent speaker at universities, technical workshops, and conferences around the globe.

Professor Roberson has BS degrees in Electrical Engineering and in Physics from Washington State University and a MSEE degree from Stanford.

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