Big Data Storage Creates Big Data Challenges

The ever-increasing repositories of digital images, audio, videos, and digital records continue to grow at an alarming pace. And life isn’t perfect. Disks fail. Bits flip, making data unreadable. Servers get stolen or hacked. Network connections go down.

These large-scale repositories are presenting daunting challenges...

  • Data is exploding, growing 10x every five years
  • Replication systems have security weaknesses
  • RAID at petabyte scale leads to data loss
  • Multiple copies equals multiple everything

 And traditional storage architectures just weren’t designed to handle this scale.

They can’t scale. They’re not secure. They’re not reliable. They’re expensive.

How can IT professionals deliver scalable storage at the petabyte and beyond level that both the organization and customers can trust?

 Cleversafe delivers limitless data storage

Cleversafe enables organizations to easily store and manage large scale digital content today.

  • Offers limitless scale
  • Secures data-in-motion and data-at-rest
  • 100 million times more reliable than RAID
  • Drives up to 90% of the storage costs out of the organization

 Cleversafe delivers limitless secure, and reliable data storage at a fraction of the cost.

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