Data Storage Features


SecureSlice™ Confidentiality

  • Data security using advanced secret sharing techniques.
  • Individual slices or groups of slices less than the threshold are unrecognizable as actual data.
  • Only when a user has access to a threshold number of slices can the original data be recompiled.

Secure Multi-Tenancy

  • Allows multiple clients to securely and separately house their virtualized data within a shared storage cloud.
  • Ensures each client’s data remains securely protected and unrecognizable by any of the other clients on the system.

KeyInside™ Data Protection

  • Data is encrypted and only a portion of the encryption key is embedded within it.
  • The entire encryption key cannot be reconstructed without a user-defined threshold number of slices.

Access Security

  • Multiple security schemes including IP access controls, SSL connection encryption and authentication certificates.


PerfectBits™ Integrity

  • Intelligent background process that proactively scans and corrects errors.
  • Scans slices for integrity and rebuilds any corrupted slices.
  • Checks both slice integrity and file data integrity prior to delivery.

Tunable Reliability

  • Provides K of N fault tolerance for individual storage nodes using sophisticated Information Dispersal Algorithms.


Unified Storage Platform

  • Multiple applications can securely share the same storage infrastructure.
  • Storage nodes are virtualized and data isn't tied to specific hardware.

SmartRead™ Assurance

  • Predicts the optimal network routes and storage nodes to most efficiently return data.

SmartWrite™ Assurance

  • Doesn’t require the full width of slices to be written for the write to be considered successful to compensate for failure conditions at nodes or within the network.
  • Utilizes a three-phase commit process to ensure against the possibility of data corruption.


Storage Efficiency

  • Dispersed Storage™ approach provides better storage efficiency than traditional RAID and replication.

Easy to Manage

  • A single administrator can manage terabytes to petabytes to exabytes with an easy-to-use web-based application.

Industry Standard Hardware

  • Industry standard, high density and energy efficient components.
  • Uses highest capacity disk drives in densely packed hardware configurations.


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