Information Dispersal Algorithm | How Cleversafe Works

Cleversafe utilizes Dispersed Storage® Technology to deliver limitless scale.

Here's how it works: Cleversafe’s patented object-based storage solution leverages information dispersal algorithms coupled with encryption to expand, virtualize, transform, slice and disperse data across a network of storage nodes. This limitless scale storage system stores data much more efficiently than other traditional storage systems that need to maintain multiple copies of the same data, Cleversafe’s unique information dispersal architecture uses a single instance of data with a minimal expansion of the data in order to maintain data integrity and availability.

As a result, clients experience none of the associated incremental costs found in traditional RAID and replication methods, which makes it ideally scalable to the exabyte and beyond level. Cleversafe’s slice-and-disperse technology delivers significantly higher levels of confidentiality, data integrity and information availability than alternative architectures.

A Look at Cleversafe's Dispersed Storage for Cloud based Data Storage

As illustrated above, Cleversafe’s cost-effective storage system operates at the infrastructure layer to capture, store and deliver unstructured data to enable data management and analytic applications to efficiently process big data delivering intelligence to the organization. Clients can access Cleversafe’s storage solution through an internal private cloud deployment or through a managed services provider that offers the capability as a service. Thanks to Cleversafe technology, only a predefined threshold of slices is needed to retrieve the data. Individual servers or entire locations can be down, you can still access your data.

As a result, the Cleversafe solution means your data is inherently private and secure because your data is sliced and transformed. Even better, access to individual slices doesn’t compromise the original content because only data owners are in control of reassembling data.

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