Limitless Scale
Always-On Architecture


To store and manage data at the petabyte, Exabyte and beyond level, an architecture that can scale is crucial. Cleversafe delivers just that. With no centralized servers, capacity and performance can be scaled independently. Cleversafe’s "always on" architecture simplifies upgrade, expansion and data migration. Future-proof storage to limitless scale.

Unified Storage Resources with Global Namespace

Cleversafe delivers a single addressable Global Namespace that virtualizes all individual storage nodes—providing you with a single point of management. Additional benefits of utilizing a Global Namespace approach include the ability to open up more storage pools for larger working pools of disks, migrate data transparently and reduce the number of mount points/shares in an environment. Finally, secure multi-tenancy.

Performance Aggregation Pushed to the Edge

With Cleversafe's Accesser Software, the Dispersed Storage protocol can be leveraged within application servers, or devices, each independently accessing storage nodes of the storage cloud. This enables massive parallel writes and content distribution to be achieved. And, it avoids the choke points of a gateway, improving performance in a distributed environment.

Performance Optimization Across a Network

Cleversafe's approach isn't designed to just work under optimal conditions—it understands that with distributed and networked storage, it is more likely not a sunny day scenario.

Cleversafe's architecture enables both successful writes and reads even if not all storage nodes are available.

  • Latency for a network connection? No problem.
  • A drive fails on a storage node? No problem.
  • A data center is unavailable due to routine maintenance? No problem.

No problem, Cleversafe's Dispersed Storage Architecture delivers scalable, reliable, secure storage every time even with these conditions. And optimizes performance for a distributed customer base.

Object Stores Infinitely Scale

Cleversafe’s object storage enables data mobility, scalability, and storage efficiency crucial for limitless scale storage. Traditional file systems simply won't scale beyond the petabyte level without bolt on measures. Learn more about Object Storage and Cleversafe's Object-Based Access methods.

Scalable Always-On Architecture

Since Cleversafe’s resilient architecture has no centralized servers, you can scale capacity and performance independently to meet your business requirements. And because each Slicestor appliance can be added independently to the overall system architecture, you won't experience any downtime.

Flexibility for Maintenance

Cleversafe allows you to have entire site unavailability and still have seamless access to data. So taking a data center offline for routine maintenance does not change availability.

You can also check the impact on data access from the management system prior to scheduling maintenance. And, hot swap disk replacement makes your life easier, too.

Zero Downtime Upgrades

Rolling upgrades enable the system to remain operable with data accessible throughout the process. No scheduled maintenance window is required.

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