Single or multi-site

Start locally and easily grow globally

Cleversafe offers the only solution that can effectively leverage higher levels of security and availability provided through multi-site/cloud storage without significant additional costs. For traditional multi-site storage solutions, clients incur incremental costs for both data replication and additional sites to house complete copies of the data. With Cleversafe, clients only need to incur costs for additional sites to house slices of the data. It all adds up to housing a single instance of the data with much higher levels of reliability and security at a fraction of the cost.  Entire sites can be down or breeched and data is still secure and fully recoverable. For further cost efficiencies, our technology removes performance and reliability issues of the components.  Less expensive, more powerful and capacity efficient components can be utilized across sites.

Dispersed storage enables the replacement, repair, movement or addition of storage or other infrastructure components without interrupting system usage. That means your IT infrastructure can start local and grow global with the latest, cost-efficient storage hardware without the need to take the system down and disrupt production.


Multi-site content distribution

Cleversafe's content distribution also eliminates bottlenecks presented by single site distribution, as well as the added expense of replicated copies. Cleversafe’s SmartRead™ functionality predicts the optimal network routes and storage nodes to most efficiently return digital content. Digital content is reassembled in segments, and for each segment, thousands—if not millions—of combinations of slices are examined to determine the best delivery path. Cleversafe constantly optimizes the path to return content in real time as it is streaming. If a failure connection or server slow down occurs—which are common on the internet—recreation of content is routed around the failures and content delivery occurs seamlessly.


Multi-Site Content Distribution for Cloud Data Storage

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