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The leading software platform for web-scale storage.

Cleversafe's proven enterprise storage solution enables business to efficiently store, manage and access data at petabyte scale and beyond.


The process behind Cleversafe's Dispersed Storage® Network

Content Transformation

Cleversafe's software encrypts, expands, slices and disperses data using Information Dispersal Algorithms.

Physical Distribution

Slices are distributed to separate disks and commodity hardware across geographic locations.

Reliable Retrieval

Real-time, bit-perfect data is highly available and can be retrieved with a subset of slices—even with individual servers or entire sites down.

Cleversafe delivers the scalability, security and cost efficiency needed to harness the power of web-scale data.

Cleversafe distinguishes itself among vendors with its proven ability to serve massive at-scale deployments with native data encryption and security.

Ashish Nadkarni

IDC Research Director

Cleversafe is a category leader in object-based storage.

IDC MarketScape Excerpt: Worldwide Object-Based Storage 2014 Vendor Assessment



Scale storage to any size without compromise.

Cleversafe’s decentralized, shared-nothing storage architecture enables performance and capacity to scale independently, reaching petabyte levels and beyond.

Scalable Capacity

Cleversafe’s single addressable global namespace delivers a unified, single point of management and access that can scale beyond the limits of traditional centralized metadata servers.

Scalable Performance

An expandable, shared-nothing architecture means any number of nodes can be added to increase performance without affecting manageability or availability.


Protect data integrity and accessibility from start to finish.

Achieve new security levels for unstructured data with long-term protection right out of the box.

Zero-Touch Encryption

Cleversafe encrypts data with randomly generated keys before dispersal—eliminating separate, complicated key management while securing data at rest.

Built-In Protection

Cleversafe’s dispersal algorithm stores encrypted data on separate storage nodes, ensuring protection even if multiple nodes are breached.

Carrier-Grade Reliability

Multi-level, built-in integrity monitoring and automatic data repair make sure customer information is protected over time and at scale.

We’re confident that the data we store with Cleversafe is safe and secure.

Alex Fedotov

CIO, Zenfolio

Learn how Cleversafe helps Zenfolio deliver secure online photo hosting.

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Cost Effective

Increase storage capacity. Decrease storage cost.

Cleversafe’s efficient technology becomes more cost-effective the large it gets.

Half the storage footprint

Cleversafe’s dispersal technology requires 50% less storage capacity than traditional storage approaches, which means lower overhead costs such as power and cooling expenses.

At Least 15x More Efficient to Manage

Cleversafe’s intuitive software allows storage architects and administrators to scale and manage the storage environment easily, freeing up time for other mission-critical tasks.

Increased Business Flexibility

Nine nines system reliability and 100% uptime enables businesses to expand, relocate and deploy new data centers with less risks and lower costs.

Learn more about the economics of Cleversafe’s storage approach.

The Total Economic Impact™ of Cleversafe

Forrester Research

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Calculating and Evaluating the Cost Benefits of Object Storage

TechTarget Media

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Optimizing Efficiency with Object-Based Storage


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Make Web-scale storage part of the solution.

Cleversafe can help your company securely and cost-efficiently manage exponential unstructured data growth.

Content Repository

Entrust business-critical data to the most reliable and scalable storage platform.

Enterprise Collaboration

Fuel workplace productivity across the globe with secure, distributed access to valuable content.


Deliver new levels of storage capacity and availability with carrier-grade data security to your user base.


Get easy, scalable backup and always-on data availability for dependable recovery and security at 80% lower infrastructure cost.


Keep content accessible with a scalable, reliable and secure long-term data archive.

Flexible Deployment

Cleversafe’s powerful software runs on commodity or proprietary servers.

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Eliminate the challenges of storage at petabyte-scale and beyond.

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