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Enable enterprise opportunity with web-scale storage.

Today’s enterprises solve their biggest storage challenges with Cleversafe technology.


Data solutions for every major industry.

Financial Services & Insurance

Secure customer trust and business compliance.

In an increasingly competitive and mobile landscape, protecting customer information at all times is a business imperative. Cleversafe’s secure, scalable storage solutions help financial and insurance organizations eliminate data vulnerability at scale and meet increasingly strict compliance regulations.

Health Care & Life Sciences

Put medical progress before everything else.

In the healthcare industry, life depends on data, which is why Cleversafe delivers data storage solutions as innovative as the next medical breakthrough. With Cleversafe’s always accessible and secure data repositories, health and life science organizations can get back to focusing on what really matters: saving lives.

Media & Communications

Consistently create engaging experiences.

From 4K resolutions to on-demand expectations, media and entertainment companies are under pressure to produce, deliver and store content like never before. Whether it’s feature-length movies, imagery, or documents, media and entertainment companies can house all their production content with Cleversafe’s accessible, reliable content storage solutions. Cleversafe’s massive storage repository enables users to generate the versions and content they need to meet production demands today—and support business goals tomorrow.

Oil & Gas

Drive exploration further with faster data insights.

The world runs on the fuel discovered using advanced data insights. As energy consumption increases, so does the need to securely store, manage and distribute the data behind oil and gas exploration. Cleversafe’s globally accessible storage solutions enable exploration and discovery teams to effectively handle their data to make smarter decisions and faster discoveries.

Service Providers

Scale your market offering without worry.

As-a-service offerings of all styles are driven by data. For service providers, delivering competitive enterprise and consumer offerings depends on the ability to cost-efficiently store, analyze and access data at scale and with constant confidence. Cleversafe solutions provide a storage platform for unprecedented service expansion and agility that's easy to manage and easy to scale. With Cleversafe, service providers can concentrate their energy on developing and managing their offering, rather than worrying about the storage infrastructure that underpins it.


Manage the data essential to serving the good of the public.

Serving the public starts with securely storing, managing and accessing mission-critical data at scale. Cleversafe’s solutions enable government agencies to efficiently store and access sensitive data, knowing that information is secure and inaccessible to unauthorized users if compromises should occur.


Transform business with web-scale storage technology.

Content Repository

Entrust business-critical data to the most reliable and scalable storage platform.

With consumers accessing content from different locations worldwide, securing irreplaceable originals at scale is a business priority. Cleversafe’s content repository solutions deliver data availability at petabyte and beyond scalability. Cleversafe’s easily scalable Dispersed Storage Network® delivers carrier-grade security for a single copy of original content before dispersing it geographically, ensuring data integrity from start to finish.

  • Dispersed storage technology
  • No content replication necessary
  • Carrier-grade system reliability
  • Scales to petabytes and beyond
  • Access distributed content globally
  • Store a single digital copy of digital assets
  • Efficiently manage content at scale


Deliver new levels of storage capacity and availability with carrier-grade data security to your user base.

For service providers and large enterprises, being able to sell capacity to customers on a centralized infrastructure is a must. Cleversafe enables the implementation of storage-as-a-service solutions by service providers and enterprises to consolidate users and customers onto a single platform, helping streamline management and efficiently scale storage to meet demands. With secure multi-tenancy, zero-touch encryption and robust management APIs, IT can finally build a storage offering that is as scalable and reliable as it is easy to manage and cost-efficient.

  • Dispersed storage technology
  • SecureSlice™ zero-touch encryption
  • Customer consolidation onto single platform
  • Robust management APIs
  • Secure multi-tenancy
  • Reduce storage management costs and complexity
  • Efficiently scale system to meet customer demands
  • Easily integrate management into existing workflows

Enterprise Collaboration

Fuel workplace productivity across the globe with secure, distributed access to valuable content.

With business reaching across the globe, today’s workforce is constantly on the move, which means employees now need seamless access to mission-critical data from anywhere, anytime. To fuel enterprise collaboration, Cleversafe solutions deliver a data hub that allows business to provide global access to data while simultaneously securing it on premise with zero-touch encryption.

  • Private cloud storage environment
  • Information dispersal technology
  • SecureSlice™ zero-touch encryption
  • Easily manage storage costs and security
  • Provide global data access through a variety of platforms


Get easy, scalable backup and always-on data availability for dependable recovery and security at 80% lower infrastructure cost.

Collecting and backing up data from diverse application servers and user machines is a challenging task for IT today. Cost-effectively storing this data long-term and at scale is even more difficult. Cleversafe’s backup solutions provide a cost-effective, easily accessible storage platform for long-term data protection. SecureSlice™ zero-touch encryption secures data before cost-efficiently distributing it across multiple sites, ensuring long-term, bit-perfect protection at scale. Cleversafe’s Dispersed Storage Network® enables fast access to data once it’s backed up—speeding business recovery time in the event of a disaster.

  • Dispersed storage technology
  • SecureSlice™ zero-touch encryption
  • Bit-perfect data protection
  • Easy access to data at rest
  • Cost-efficiently distribute backups across sites
  • Confidently secure data at rest without replication
  • Restore and recover from disasters faster


Keep content accessible with a scalable, reliable and secure long-term data archive.

To ensure compliance with industry and federal regulations, the massive amounts of data generated today must be safely stored for tomorrow—regardless how frequently the data is accessed. Cleversafe’s archive solutions deliver long-term data storage that is scalable, reliable, secure and readily accessible. In-place hardware upgrades, perpetual licenses and online expansion help business easily and securely scale data archives today to meet tomorrow’s compliance demands.

  • Dispersed storage technology
  • SecureSlice™ zero-touch encryption
  • In-place hardware upgrades
  • Perpetual licenses
  • Online expansion
  • Avoid difficult platform migrations
  • Ensure data at rest is safe long-term
  • Protect distributed content across locations

Eliminate the challenges of storage at petabyte-scale and beyond.

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