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How It Works

IBM Cloud Object Storage helps you scale quickly and adapt effortlessly.

Uniquely Innovative

The process behind our cloud object storage platform.

Content Transformation

IBM Cloud Object Storage encrypts, expands, slices and disperses data using Information Dispersal Algorithms.

Physical Distribution

Slices are distributed to separate disks and commodity hardware across geographic locations.

Reliable Retrieval

Real-time, bit-perfect data is highly available and can be retrieved with a subset of slices—even with individual servers or entire sites down.

Highly scalable and cost-efficient for a data-driven world.

The cloud has enabled an era of explosive innovation and creativity never before experienced. Today, new applications are created daily. Mobile devices are now ubiquitous as people create and consume images, audio, and video in ways that were never before possible.

The Internet of Things (IoT) allows every aspect of life to be instrumented through millions of devices that create, collect and transmit data every second. These trends are causing an unprecedented growth in the volume of data being generated.

IT organizations are now tasked with finding ways to efficiently preserve, protect, analyze and maximize the value of their unstructured data as it grows to petabytes and beyond. And object storage is designed to handle unstructured data at web-scale.


Powerful simplicity streamlines your storage from start to finish.

Manage massive volumes of data with a new level of simplicity.

Simple to store

Storage that slices and disperses a single copy of data—eliminating duplicates and lowering cost, cooling, maintenance, and personnel requirements.

Simple to manage

Easy to operate unified storage management from a single pane of glass handles on-premise, in the public cloud and across both. Enjoy multi-level built-in integrity, availability and zero-touch security.

Simple to buy

Licensing and deployment options apply no matter where you move your data and workloads at any given time.

Hybrid cloud object storage that scales hyper-efficiently

With unbeatable reliability and zero-touch security.


Choose from on-prem, public cloud or hybrid.

Cloud Object Storage can be deployed as you choose—and changed as quickly as your business needs—providing you unprecedented choice, control and efficiency.

On-Prem Solutions

Deploy object storage on-premise for optimal security, reliability, performance and control. IBM Cloud Object Storage runs on industry-standard hardware for flexibility and simplified management within your datacenter governed by your established governance and processes.

IBM Cloud Solutions

Easily deploy object storage on the IBM Cloud to optimize cost and scale or on dedicated bare metal servers to optimize cost, scale, performance, and isolation.

Hybrid Solutions

For optimal flexibility, deploy object storage as a hybrid solution to support multiple deployment models and applications across your enterprise—on-premise and in the public cloud. You can move data and workloads as needed for agility and efficiency.

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